The church is located at the corner of Kanawha Terrace and Hansford St. in the City of St. Albans.  We are easy to find and for more information, please check out our directions page.

We are a part of the global missional effort of the Church of the Nazarene headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.  In addition to the work of the local church, as of 2007; we have active missionaries in 152 nations around the world.  God continues to open doors of opportunity for us.

On the local level, we are part of the West Virginia South District that reaches from just south of Ripley, WV and across the entire Southern part of the State of West Virginia.  We are just one of 63  churches on our district.  The church itself is located in the City of St. Albans which is situated about 12 miles West  of Charleston.  We are nestled between the beautiful mountain ranges of the Appalachians and the Kanawha River.  Our district is led by Dr. Mervin & Robin Smith and our churches are pastored by some of God's finest men and women, all called to preach the Word in season and out of season.

We believe that we have been blessed beyond measure and because we believe in the Great Commission, we will continue to reach out to the people of our community and tell them about the life changing grace and mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord.  And we believe that this same Jesus that made a difference in each of us can totally transform the life of anyone who believes in Him.

                                        OUR CHURCH CAN BE YOUR HOME

  January 2020  
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